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Norton Past & Present
Katrin Seifert/1970 Production Racer
The Negus "500 Commando", 1971 TT
Rudi Kolano after rebuilding the 1973 NVT Rotary prototype.
Franz Vaasen & A.N.Other on our Garden Gate Manx.
Enjoy your Norton together!
1969 "S"
Joe Seifert & Richard Negus after buying the Norton Rotary motorcycle side at the Shenstone auction.
Joe Seifert on his Manx at an underwater Hill Climb.
Mercury at rest in Bavaria.
Inside the Plumstead factory, 1968.
Tony Smith, stylish at high speed, winning a race.
Christine Seifert on the 750 Family Racer, aged 14.
Doug Hele and mechanics testing the Domiracer prototype at MIRA.
The NRS588 Replica at Norton Motors' Open Day
Fritz Kleber on our Racing Inter, Nuerburgring.
Presentation of the new Commando, 1967.
Clint Eastwood and U.N.Known on Commando.
The "Space Frame" corroding away in the stores of Poedvyn's shop, Aalst, Begium.
Tim Seifert on "Nepomuk" at Norton Motors' Open Day
Joe Seifert and Andover's MD Phil Albutt behinh "Jake", the Commando "Tripple" prototype.
Only good for the Colonies?